Graduation LED Pins &
2016 LED Sunglasses
(Perfect for the Class of 2016)


4th Of July
Flashing Fun!

Light Up Patriotic Star
Flashing Necklaces



   Flashing 4th Of July
LightUp LED Sunglasses

Flashing Rockstar Sunglasses

4th Of July
LightUp Sunglasses

EL Light Up Sunglasses


  Fun Flashing Hats!
Light Up Flashing FEDORAs


Brand New COWBOY
LED Fedora Hats!

Color Options:  Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Pink & Green

LED Light Up Suspenders

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4th Of July Flashing LED Products

Flashing LightUP Sunglasses!
Great for Any Occasion!
As Low As: $1.99

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New Products for 2016!
Brand New 
Light Up Beanies

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Crazy Light Up LED
Spirit Wigs

As Low As: $3.39

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LED Scarf!


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As Low As: $2.29

Flashing Noodlehead
HairClip Extensions!
Several Colors To Choose From:

As Low As: $1.74

  4th Of July
Flashing LED
Body Light Blinky Pins/Necklaces


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Fun 4th of July
Flashing Necklaces

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Flashing LED
Shoe Fun!

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Flashing LED Fun Necklaces


As Low As: $1.39

LED Twinkle & Shine Light Wand

As Low As: $1.69

Flashing LED Fun Necklaces



As Low As: $1.39

Punk Rock LightUp Mohawk Hat Wig
w/Flashing LEDs


As Low As: $3.39

More LED MOHAWK Flashing HeadGear

As Low As: $2.39


  Light Up Flashing LED Bow Ties
with LED Lights



As Low As: $1.99

 Flashing Christmas Ties & More -
Many Colors To Choose?

Great for Costumes, Dancing
& Lots of Fun!
Fun Black Tie with
14 Bright White LEDs



As Low As: $4.49




  FUN Flashing Rings for 2014

4th Of July Flashing Ring Fun!
  FUN Flashing
LED Jewelry

FUN Flashing Necklaces

All NEW Clip Light Flashing Earrings!
Many Colors to Choose From
Some As Low As: $.69

Flashing Rings

Many Styles to Choose From

LED Flashing Christmas Jewelry

Pricing Varies


JUST IN for 4th Of July
XO 4th Of July
Flashing LED Gloves

  Black XO Finger Mitts
with Light Up Fingers

  New XO Skeletal LED Gloves

LED Gloves

Flashing LED Gloves


NEW 4th Of July LED Gloves
are Great for
4th Of July, BBQs, 4th of July Dancing,  Parties, Concerts, Raves, Festivals, Burning Man,
or Any Night Time Events!

NEW - XO Black
Light Up Flashing Finger Mitts


Flashing LED Gloves

(aka Magical/Midnight/Mystical Mitts)
As Low As: $6.49