AAA Battery (12-Pck)

AAA Battery (12-Pck)

Code: BAAA12



Product Description

Powercell Super Heavy Duty AAA 12-Pack - WOW We are pleased to offer you our entire line of Heavy Duty Powercell Batteries.These Batteries have the Same Power Life as Panasonic and Maxell Batteries at a fraction of their price!Each Battery Pack is covered by a Manufacturers Fresh Warranty of 48 Months from time of delivery. (Note- This is how long battery stays good unused and not the life of the battery while in use)Whether you supply or run a convenience store; sell online or at fleamarkets; or just need to stock up on batteries for your own personal use; our complete line of Powercell batteries will give you the same power at a fraction of the price!All Batteries Come Blister Packed For Easy Display! (MSRP $8.99)