Black Hightop LED Light Up Shoes - MEN Sizes

Black Hightop LED Light Up Shoes - MEN Sizes




Product Description


Black Hightop LED Light Up Shoes - MEN Sizes

Black Hightop Light Up Shoes in Men's sizes are Here. The most awesome shoes for having a blast anywhere.  Men's Hightop Light Sneakers are the kind of killer value LED shoes that will light up the scene at during special occasions and around town.

To Activate Your Light Up Sneakers, reach into inside of shoe for button to activate (11) light modes:

- Solid Red
- Solid Green
- Solid Blue
- Solid Lime
- Solid Turquoise
- Solid Pink
- Solid White
- Flashing White
- Blink + Color Change
- Fast Flash
- Fast Flash + Color Change

Important Care Instructions (Also included in packaging):
- DO NOT wear in rain or puddles
- DO NOT store in hot temperatures
- Spot clean ONLY -- Damp cloth & mild soap -- NOT washer/dryer safe
- To charge your Light Sneakers, plug included USB cable into button on inside pocket of shoe, then charge by plugging into a computer or wall outlet with USB adapter.

Charge 8 hours for full use -- Batteries last approx. 3-4 hours (the length of any fun event or night out) on full charge.

Fun Fact: Get the most out of shoe's battery life with flashier light modes (8-11)!

LED Colors: Red, Blue, Green (Combine to create 7 color modes and 4 neat flashing/color change combinations)

Men's Sizes: 8-11.5

LED Light Up Shoes includes rechargeable battery (USB cable included).