Flashing LED Noodle Light Up Headbands

Flashing LED Noodle Light Up Headbands



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Flashing LED Noodle Light Up Headbands - Are Just So Cool!
(Also Known as Flashing Dreadlocks, Pasta Heads, Pasta Headbands, Pig Tails, and More!)

Noodle Headbands with LEDs &  Ribbons are wild led light up accessories Day or Night!
Even with the LED lights off, get noticed during the day as these springy mesh noodles bounce while you walk.
Attract Tons of Attention Everywhere you Go!

At Night, Turn on the LEDs for an Instant Party. 

Flashing LED Noodle Light Up Headbands are great for Halloween Parties, Festivals, Concerts, Dancing,
Bridal Showers, Costume Parties, Holiday Gatherings, School Events, and Much Much More....

Have a Funky and Crazy Good Time at your Next Party or Event by wearing our
Flashing LED Noodle Light Up Headbands.
With Tons of Color Options to Suit your Needs, you just can't go wrong with these Flashing NoodleHeads!

To Activate your LED NoodleHead (Pasta Headbands), slide the switch on top of the black plastic headpiece.

Length: 7.50 in.
Width: 5.25 in.

LED Colors: Varies based on NoodleHead Choice.

NoodleHead Styles Available:

Be Sure to Select Your Color Option from the Flashing NoodleHead Images Above!

* Rainbow Flashing Noodle Headband with WHITE LEDs & MULTICOLOR Ribbons (LEDS: 12 White)
* White Flashing Noodle Headbands with WHITE LEDs & WHITE Ribbons (LEDS: 12 White)
* Black & White Noodle Headband with WHITE LEDs & BLACK-WHITE Ribbons (LEDS: 12 White)
Blue Noodle Headband with BLUE LEDs & BLUE Ribbons (LEDS: 12 Blue)
Green Noodle Headband with GREEN LEDs & GREEN Ribbons (LEDS: 12 Jade)
Pink Noodle Headband with WHITE LEDs & PINK Ribbons (LEDS: 12 White)
Purple Flashing Noodle Headband with WHITE LEDs & MardiGras Color Ribbons (LEDS: 12 White)
Green Holiday Flashing Noodle Headbands with GREEN LEDs & Red Ribbons (LEDS: 12 Green)
Red White & Blue 4th of July Flashing Noodle Headbands with RED,WHITE,BLUE LEDs & Ribbons (LEDS: 4 Red, 4 White, 4 Blue)
* Orange Flashing Noodle Headband with with
ORANGE LEDs & Black Ribbons (LEDS: 12 Orange)

Batteries:  All Flashing LED LightUp Noodle Headbands  includes (3) replaceable AG13 Batteries.

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