LED Programmable Message Hat
Product Video: LED Message Hat Custom Text Demo

LED Programmable Message Hat




Product Description

Programmable LED Message Hat 

These programmable LED Message Hats will be the talk of the town!  You will gain instant attention anywhere you where it!  These Programmable LED Message Hats were the coolest product of 2019 and will continue to be the Hottest LED Product of 2020 and into the future, with its unique ability to Custom Program your Unique Message or Design on the Top of your Hat, and Draw Attention or Promote any Message you want, anywhere you go!  

You will Fall in Love with this Hat, Guaranteed! ;)

These Programmable LED Message Hats are great for Advertising, Corporage Event or Group Activities, Publicity or Stage Show Events, Birthday Parties, Dancing, DJ Events, Raves, Parties, Concerts, Festivals, Tours, Night Sports, Golf, Halloween, Christmas, Graduation, and so much more.....

These LED Message Hats are also great for UV Protection in the Summer Time and Night Time Baseball Games or Sporting Events... You can even promote your favorite Sport Teams on them, and Show Your Team Spirit!

Product Specifications:
Product Name:LED Message Hat/LED Display Cap/Magic Hat
Color:  Black, or Red
Material:  Cotton, 
LED Screen Size: 123x23mm
Resolution: 12 * 48 = 576 pixels
Edit Mode: Bluetooth Mobile APP
Charging Type: USB Port
Battery Type: Lithium Battery

Product Features:
- The cap is made of high quality cotton, good breathability. Light, convenient, edit content any time and anywhere, the effect is eye-catching
- Controlled by APP: Connect the hat to smartphone via Bluetooth, support Android and IOS phone system, customize text display, easy to control
- Charging the LED Message Hat is super simple with USB Cable (provided) and Lithium Battery Power Supply.
- Soft and comfortable, one size fits most!

More Features through Special LED Message Hat App:
- Mobile APP Bluetooth connection (1 mobile phone can connect 2hats)
- Support language: English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German,Spanish, Korean, Russian, etc.
- Text mode: can display 80 English characters through mobile app
- Animation mode:  10 fixed animations included in mobile app
- Music mode: Music Equalizer display, the phone song automatically syncs
- Text scrolling function: Fix, move left and right, up and down, Blink, Invert, Snow, and Bold, etc.
- DIY (Do-It-Yourself) editing: custom drawing, draw the animation you want to display
- LED caller blinking function

- Detachable:  separate display screen and hat, cotton hat, comfortable to wear, After removing the screen and battery can  be washed with water, if need be...

Product Demo - Custom Text - Animated Designs 


  **  The color of the LED lamp beads is Multicolor, unlike alot of other led hats on the market, which are just 1 color LED. We use high quality multicolor leds, to give a more visual effect than just 1 color leds... So Beautiful and Eye Catching with the Multicolor LEDs ;)

  **  When you first receive your LED Message Hat, If you can't  Turn ON, It could be the hat is out of power.  Go ahead and Charge it, and then should Turn ON!

  **  If you do not use it frequently, please charge it once every 2 months to avoid battery damage.

  **  The real color of the hat may be slightly different sometimes from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness, etc.. 

Charging your LED Message Hat:
Chargeable - It takes 2-4 hours to fully charge and using time up to 6-10 hours, depending on modes being used etc... If the hat you received is can not use, please charge it first, then turn ON and use it. 

Basic User Hat Guideline:
- To Turn ON your LED Message Hat, Press and Hold the Power Switch Red Button (located in the base of the hat) for 3 Seconds.
To Turn OFF your LED Message Hat, Press and Hold the Power Switch Red Button for 3 Seconds, Hat will Power OFF.
- The LED Message Hat is designed to be used together with the Phone APP.  See Below for App Instructions.
- Access App, and Customise your message on the hat via app. (All language supported)
- Have Fun with it & Be the Star of the Party/Show! ;)

Basic User App Guideline:
- Scan QR Code on hat/instructions to download App (support Android & iOS devices)
- Ensure Bluetooth is Turned ON in your Phone Settings.
- Open "Magic Display" App on Phone to Use the App with the Message Hat.
- Make sure to Turn App ON Inside App Settings, and then Press "CONNECTION", put a Check inside the Box, you will see in your Settings that your Bluetooth is connected to the following app "proj_template"..You are now ready to use your Message Hat with the App, and play with custom messages and designs in your "Magic Display" App.
- Allow the application the access to your phone, photos, sounds, and your Bluetooth. 
- Have Fun with it & Be the Star of the Party/Show! ;)

Whats Included:
1 x LED Message Hat
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual/Instructions
Full Support

Shipping & Transit Time:
 ---> Due to Extremely High Demand on Our LED Message Hats, Shipping Time has an Estimated Delivery time of 10 - 14 Business days on this product.
If you need your LED Message Hat quicker, please choose PRIORITY MAIL OR EXPEDITED Delivery Option on your order.

 **If you have any Questions about your LED Message Hat,  Please feel free to Contact Us, we will reply to you usually within 24-48 Business hours.**