MULTICOLOR LED Light Up Flashing Shoelaces SALE!

MULTICOLOR LED Light Up Flashing Shoelaces SALE!




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MultiColor Light Up Flashing LED Shoelaces

These LED Flashing Shoelaces are Super Hot and Attractive!
  Stand out at any Party, Rave, Concert, Festival or Night Time Event.   These LED Flashing Shoelaces contain (2) Electric Switch Boxes, 1 for each shoe.  Each Box uses a CR2032 Battery to power the LEDs. 

Flashing LED Shoelaces are Awesome & Eye Catching, and are great for any Night Time Events, Fourth of July, for Night Time Concerts, Festivals,  Parties, and Special Events, and Holidays like Halloween, Christmas, and New Years.  Great for Night Jogging, Night Bicyclists, Safety and all kinds of Night Time Flashing Fun! ;)  They make great gifts too!

LED Color: MultiColor LEDs

Size: LED Flashing Shoelaces fits any kind of shoes, such as Running Shoes, Boots, Skates, etc..

Batteries: Includes (2) CR2032 Batteries.  Run Time is Approximately 36-60 Hours.

Directions on How To Use Your Flashing LED Shoelaces:
1. Fasten the lace onto your shoe;
2. Insert the ends of your lace from the hole underneath the driver;
3. Insert the ends of the lace into the holes on the side and turn the switch to the "lock" position;
4. Press the clear center button to turn your pair of Awesome, Flashing LED Shoelaces ON for your party.

How to install LED shoelaces to your shoes


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