Flashing LED BLACK BOOM Mitts - Multicolor LEDs

Flashing LED BLACK BOOM Mitts - Multicolor LEDs




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Flashing LED Black BOOM Mitts 
w/Multicolor LEDs (One Pair)

Boom Mitts are Unlike any Other Flashing LED Glove out there!  Boom Mitts use fiber extensions which capture and enlarge the light. This effect alone is what separates this LED Glove from all the Other LED Gloves on the market.
Lighting your hands has never been easier, cheaper, or more fun!
LED Gloves like you've never seen!  These NEW
BOOM Mitts are AMAZING~!

Based on our best-selling Midnight Mitt, the Boom Mitt is a black knit glove
which is very comfortable and will stretch to fit most hands.
The color scheme is our traditional
Red-Green-Blue (Multicolor LEDs).
This LED bundle and controller set produces amazing color tracers when the glove is moved through the air.
Because of the special fiber extensions those tracers are larger and more impressive than ever!

Choose one of
6 different modes or settings for your glove:
magic flash, slow bleed, all on, only blue, only green, only red;
to create that truly mesmerizing effect sure to amaze any crowd.

BOOM Led gloves are very fragile and must be treated delicately to keep long lasting.
This glove also uses the improved
“Midnight” light controller box:
an easy to find and use push button and brighter lights.
BOOM Mitts are Black gloves.

Great For Halloween, Raves, Holiday Parties, Camping, Theme Parks,
NightTime Events, Dancing, Vending, and Much Much More.


 Order Your Pair of LED Flashing BOOM Mitts Today
and Stand Out from the Crowd!
 ~ Everyone Will Be Envious! ~

Each pair of LED gloves features 6 flashing modes.
The switch that operates these modes is on top of the controller box and is easy to find.
- Make crazy tracing patterns with your hands in the dark
- Stand out! Be seen over 1/2 mile away.
(2) CR2016 batteries are included and replaceable.
- One size fits most (excluding very large or very small hands)
These gloves will run slightly tight and measure 9"
from the end of the wrist to the tip of the finger.
- Run time is determined by mode. Generally 8+ hours.

1 pair of LED gloves per package. 
Magic Mitts are not intended for children under 10.
Washing gloves will result in defective functions.
Blinkeez.com will not be held liable for damaged product due to improper use.

Don't Forget To Purchase Extra
CR2016 Batteries HERE!